19 Hints and Tips for Decorating with Plants

Nothing beats the beauty of a vase of fresh flowers in a room. We can’t always manage the extravagance of a dozen red roses each week, but there are other ways to bring the outside indoors and add a natural touch to your décor.


Use plants to

  1. Freshen and brighten the décor of your home
  1. Provide constantly changing interest
  1. Add a spot of colour in a neutral colour scheme
  1. Provide a focus on a shelf, side table or windowsill
  1. Create a talking point
  1. Increase humidity in centrally-heated rooms
  1. Give a purpose to a much-loved vase or bowl
  1. Contrast with your key colours
  1. Provide a flow of oxygen as they ‘breathe’
  1. Add a sense of calm to your room


Which plants to choose – and why

  1. Choose cacti or succulents for low maintenance interest
  1. Choose fabric flowers for no-maintenance delight all year round
  1. Choose scented plants, such as jasmine or roses, to create a sophisticated perfume in your room
  1. Choose herbs, such as basil, parsley and chives, to provide a colourful cut and come again supply in the kitchen
  1. Choose architectural plants to add height and drama to your room



Take it further

You don’t even have to have real plants in your room in order to create the idea of a natural bower. Think laterally for ways to introduce a plant theme:

  1. Plant themes are popular in fabrics, carpets and wall coverings
  1. Opt for vintage china with floral decoration
  1. Stack wood attractively next to the fire, for a decorative touch with a purpose
  1. Finally, if the idea of plants really grips you, take up orchid growing or study bromeliads.