The benefits of divans for bedroom storage

It’s important to get a good night’s sleep and this is more likely in a calm, organised bedroom, with a minimum of clutter. If you struggle to find enough storage, a divan bed from Gloucester Furniture could be the answer. We have a great range of adult and child-sized divans, at great prices.

Today’s smaller houses might not have built-in wardrobes and maybe floor space is limited. Even in larger rooms, storage in the bed itself is a sensible option. In most cases, the drawers themselves are almost invisible, because they match the fabric of the bed base and mattress. Depending on the design of bed you’ve chosen, they might have drawer handles to make opening and closing the drawers easier. Some divan beds feature sliding doors.

Children’s divans

Children like to have all the toys out, all the time. If they’re left lying on the floor, there’s a good chance someone will trip or stand on something. To reduce accidents and breakage, keep boxes handy and encourage the kids to pack games away. The boxes are then easily stored in the drawers of the divan.

Divans in the master bedroom

Double and king-sized beds also come with the option of divan storage. Of course, the larger the bed, the larger the drawers underneath. This is a big advantage if you want to store bulkier items, such as spare duvets and pillows. You need to consider the amount of space around the bed when you buy a divan though – see below.

Points to consider when purchasing a divan bed

The position of the drawer in your divan is important. If you plan to locate the bed against the wall of your bedroom, consider which side the drawers are. If you have a narrow bedroom or other furniture near the bed, a divan with a sliding door in the base might be best. If you have limited space at the foot of the bed, a drawer or door in the side of the base would be easier to use. The larger your bed, the more room you need to open a drawer completely.

Some divan beds are platforms for the mattress, while others are fully or edge-sprung, to give additional comfort. Divan bases are often supplied in two parts, which link together. This is handy for delivery and when you need to move the divan within the house.