7 Reasons to Visit Your Furniture Store

These days almost any items can be ordered online and delivered direct to your door – even beds and sofas. There are still many reasons to visit your furniture store and we list them here:


Colour matching

If you have just decorated or had new carpets, it might be important to you that your new sofa and chairs matches the colour scheme. We recommend seeing the new furniture in the showroom to get an accurate impression of the colour because computer screens can be misleading. Depending on how they are set up, the greens might appear bluer than they actually are or the creams might seem yellower in real life.


Buying the right size

Although it’s possible and advisable to measure the space your new bed or sofa is going to fit into, there is nothing like seeing it in the showroom to appreciate the size. Yes, it might fit into the space but it might appear to dominate the room if the combination of height, width and depth is more impressive when you see it. There’s no substitute for seeing your furniture ‘in the flesh’!


Look for a great range of colours

Many of the sofas and three piece suites stocked by us at Gloucester Furniture can be made up in alternative colours of fabric. To appreciate the full range, we recommend that you come and visit us, look at the swatches available for each design and chat with our staff about lead times on delivery. That way you get a true idea of the possibilities and eventually custom furniture at great prices. To give you an idea, 95% of our sofas can be made up in different colour ways and fabrics.


Look for a store that delivers

The convenience of shopping online is that your goods are delivered to the door but that’s also true when you shop with us. Lead times are competitive, at an average 3-4 weeks, if we don’t have the item you want in stock. We offer delivery for a flat rate, which is £69 in most areas – meaning your bargain priced furniture still competes well with online shopping rates. We accept card payments and you can even pay cash on delivery (subject to a deposit) or financing is available – see our About Us page for more details of delivery and finance.


Look for great customer service

Generally, people don’t replace their beds and sofas very often, so when you do, you’re looking for great customer service. Gloucester Furniture has an informative website and a very responsive Facebook page but the best customer service is to be found at our store in Barton Street, Gloucester. Our staff make sure they know their stock and can advise on which furniture might be best for your needs. There’s nothing quite like having a real person to talk to, who will consider the possibilities and make suggestions that will work for you. We’ll keep you informed about delivery dates and if we don’t have the items you’re looking for in stock, we will find them and give you a great price. We don’t sell dining tables and chairs but when a customer on our Facebook page asked us to find some for them, we did it. We can’t promise the moon but we do our best.


Oops – that’s not right!

If you should find there’s a problem with an item of furniture you’ve bought from us, we’re happy to come out and sort it or replace the item if needed. Just give us a ring – you won’t speak to a call centre, you’ll get straight through and we’ll get straight onto it for you. It’s this level of personal service that wins us such great testimonials and Facebook reviews from satisfied customers.


Plenty of variety and new lines

Catalogues and web retailers of furniture tend to change their stock lines a couple of times a year, if that. The advantage of our way of selling sofas and beds is that we can afford to discount prices to clear old stock and bring in new lines frequently. There’s an ever-changing display in our warehouse showroom, so the best way to see what’s available is to pop in and take a look around.


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