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Adopting Moroccan Style

If you need inspiration for a change of decorative theme to go with a neutral sofa and or fancy spicing up your bedroom décor, why not go for a touch of the exotic? Moroccan style has become popular and it’s surprisingly easy to re-create the look in your own home. Have a change and banish neutrals in favour brighter coloured paint schemes, mood lighting and luxuriously patterned fabrics.


Wall colours

Traditional Moroccan riads were constructed with richly detailed architecture and doors, but you can still achieve a modern version of this look in your home. Walls are often white or cream for coolness but might be ochres and browns to echo the colours of a Moroccan hillside.



Might be dark wood or ceramic tiles with exotic patterns. These days it’s easy to emulate any material or pattern with the very wide range of vinyl flooring that’s available.



Mirrors play a big part in creating the Moroccan look. The bigger the better, including an ornate silver or brass metal frame that appears aged, rather than shiny. Mirrors with candle fittings and smaller pieces of mirror set into the frame are particularly authentic.



Rather than a single central light, this look embraces a multitude or different lighting styles such as low-level lamps and wall fixtures. The ‘globe’ of the fitting is often geometric rather than rounded, with multiple faces and small glazed panes. Sometimes the glass will be plain but usually jewel-bright reds, yellows, blues and greens are in evidence – like stained glass windows. Alternatively hanging lanterns might be perforated metal filigree, which casts patterns as the light passes through.



You’ll need a lot of cushions, in a variety of shapes and sizes from large and small squares to rectangular and particularly cylindrical cushions. They can be embellished with embroidery or even tiny mirrors. Choose fabrics with small repeat patterns or stripes, that are brightly coloured and ranging from cottons to rich, tactile chenilles and velvets.


Translucent curtains

Traditional Moroccan homes Window dressings tend to rely on translucent curtains, which are finer than British traditional net curtains and often brightly coloured. They filter the sunlight and afford a degree of privacy, rather than blocking out the light. They also create a subtle-coloured glow in the room during the daytime.



Kilim style rugs, water features and orange or lemon trees complete the riad theme. (The word riad means garden and houses traditionally looked onto a courtyard with fountain and plants.)


Moroccan theme furniture choices

A low sofa, or one with no visible legs and plenty of cushions completes the look, especially if you add a low coffee table. For the bedroom, almost any design of bed can be part of a Moroccan them, especially when covered in colourful textiles and cushions and with geometric patterns as a strong element in the décor.

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