How Airbnb Rooms Inspire Creativity

There’s nothing like a few days away on an Airbnb holiday to inspire you to make changes to your own home. The comfortable bed, the brightly decorated living room or the latest coffee machine in the kitchen can all make you desperate to improve your surroundings. While a hotel stay will provide quality, there’s nothing quite like living in someone else’s place to see how the personal touch can create a warm and welcoming home.


Home from home

Airbnb offers a range of properties and styles as diverse as the people who offer accommodation themselves. From red seaside holiday houses on Scandinavian islands to apartments in central New York, via Dorset farmhouses, there are places to suit all tastes. While we’re not suggesting that anyone deliberately books their holiday just to snoop on other people’s homes (perish the thought!), there’s surely an element of nosiness involved? At the very least, we appreciate the thought that has gone into making a cosy nest or an elegant retreat and the way it has been done.


Personal style

Airbnb is different from any other holiday home website because it is a collection of homes that people actually live in. Other holiday destinations tend to be furnished and decorated for occasional use, rather than everyday living. You’ll notice the difference in the quality of the furnishings and the personal touches – the choice of paintings, books on the shelves, evidence everywhere of the person who actually lives there. If your host is an artist, you might find sculptures; if they’re a cook, the kitchen will be full of pots, pans and gadgets. Even if your host isn’t there in person, you can sense their presence in their possessions. If they are there and you’re staying with them, take advantage to ask them how they put together their scheme. They’ll love you for it!


Traditional touches

In many cases, Airbnb properties reflect their surroundings, with shuttered windows, stone mullions and architecture typical of the area. While these touches might be difficult to replicate once you get home, the furniture and decorative style is easier. The beautiful wooden sleigh bed in a French home might be an antique but it’s not hard to find similar ones in the UK (hint: we stock them!). If you’ve spent your holiday reclining on a classic Italian leather sofa, they’re quite popular here too. Using your holiday accommodation as inspiration, you can create the same look on your return to this country.


Inspiration and courage

Sometimes it takes a change of scene to inspire creativity in us to make the more dramatic changes. By seeing how other people put together their interior décor, we can be confident that it works. If you like it, it’s a success and you can easily pick out what makes it attractive to you. It’s not even necessary to visit the properties – just browsing through the possibilities provides a wealth of ideas. Maybe one of them will be the starting point you need to create a whole new look for your home?