Arranging your living room furniture

From time to time you need to think of ways to rearrange your living room furniture. Whether you’ve just moved home or have bought a new sofa or chairs, we have some top tips for you.


First consider the shape of the room – any recesses, the way the doors open into or out of the room and the position of fitted furniture, windows and the fireplace, if there is one. Make sure the furniture won’t get too warm near the radiators or the fire. Fabrics might fade in windows. Ensure that opening doors don’t hit precious tables or someone sitting in a chair!


It might help to measure your room and your furniture. (You’re welcome to measure your new sofa or chairs in our showroom to make sure they will fit). By cutting out a two-dimensional sofa and chairs from squared paper to scale, you can move them around a ‘map’ of your room. This is much easier than moving the actual furniture!


When buying, choose sofas and chairs that will fit the room with a bit of space between them and the wall. Pushing them against the wall makes the room look smaller. In large rooms, seating can be placed opposite a window to enjoy a view or near the fireplace to keep snug in winter.


Anchor any rugs under furniture. Choose large rugs, as smaller ones make rooms look cramped.


Arrange lighting to illuminate all areas of the room. It can be subtle but try to ensure there are no dark spots. Try a combination of central light, lamps, reading lights, wall lights and feature lighting for pictures or ornaments. Some shelving and cupboards come with built-in lighting.


Be generous with curtains: don’t just cover the window but make them full length or at least larger than the opening.


Don’t make the TV the focus when arranging your living room furniture but position the screen so that it can be seen easily from wherever you prefer to sit. When choosing a spot for the TV, consider the reflection of light from nearby windows on the screen.


Hang pictures and mirrors in line with sofas and over low-level cupboards. If you put them above mantelpieces, position them centrally.


Make sure any freestanding lamps, tables and wires aren’t in the way of through traffic, to prevent trip hazards. Don’t be tempted to run cables under carpets or rugs in case they get worn and become a fire risk.


Consider whether you should swap a two-seater for a three-seater settee when arranging your living room furniture if space is limited. Arrange the sofas so that they can see each other and chat without having to turn in their seats. Above all, choose furniture that you love, that’s beautiful and allows all your family to sit comfortably.