Back to Bed: Orthopaedic Beds

An orthopaedic bed is designed to be firm enough to support your body in the correct posture while you’re asleep. It will keep your aching or injured back – in fact your whole body – in the correct position and ease pressure on your joints. If you have back problems or suffer with painful joints it makes sense to consider an orthopaedic bed to ensure a restful night.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights

The main benefit of an orthopaedic bed is that the base and mattress work together to give you a comfortable and healthy sleeping position. In short, you get a decent night’s sleep, which leads to being more alert and productive during the day. Many people actually prefer them, finding that they like the additional support and comfort they offer, even if they don’t actually need them for health reasons.

Custom made orthopaedic beds

Orthopaedic beds and mattresses come in the usual range of sizes: in fact we get them specially made for our customers. We have a great relationship with manufacturers and suppliers of orthopaedic beds, meaning that we can offer them at bargain prices. For example, our 4 foot 6 orthopaedic bed with an 8.5” mattress at £185 is possibly the best value in the UK! All our beds comply with fire safety regulations and the National Bed Federation code of practice and have a 12 month guarantee.

Comfort and style

If you opt for an orthopaedic bed, you’ still have a full range of choices available. You can select headboards from lots of different colours and fabrics – so you can still have cream faux leather, if that’s what you wanted. In addition, you can order your bed as a two or four drawer divan, from £50 extra or a sliding storage compartment for just £35. This ensures you have all the style and versatility you’d expect from an average bed, but with the advantages of the special orthopaedic design.

Convenient ordering and delivery

As with all our furniture, orthopaedic beds and mattresses can be ordered in person, in the store, or you can ring us to discuss your choices. They’re delivered to us on a Tuesday and will be with you a couple of days later – all for a very reasonable delivery charge.