Choosing The Right Sofa

Naturally every item within a home comes in and out of fashion and your lounge furniture is no exception, choosing the right sofa is not just a size issue, of course it is a “will it fit” issue and that’s pretty important but Gloucester Furniture want to show you how choosing the right sofa can make the difference in your sitting room and give you longevity allowing you to bat off the next craze, fad or style.

Room Size & Shape

Look the size of the space you have as the first priority, If you have a huge open space consider how much of that you would like to allocate to a living area. What other furniture will you bring into the room, will you have a coffee table, are there lamps to be placed or even other seating to accompany your new sofa?

If you are working with a large room have you considered a shaped settee such as a corner L shaped sofa, (they don’t have to be in a corner) utilising one of these with a coffee table central to the shape can really create a cosy feel.

If your room is smaller or elongated your choices for choosing the right sofa become bit more narrowed, that said you can still mange to squeeze a luxurious sofa into a small space with the right measurements, You can really enhance your choices here by looking at some of the more modern couches as these tend to be slimmer and more upright.

Material Matters

Now that you have considered the room and placement of your new settee, choosing the right sofa material is next on the agenda, whilst the aesthetic look of the sofa is important functionality should prevail here, how often will this area be used? do you have pets or even children? are they allowed on the couch? If so there are certainly materials you should be looking to steer clear of if you want to make this purchase last.

Suede is a hugely popular fabric and has huge appeal because of it’s luxuries feel, I mean who wouldn’t want a white suede sofa to finish off their sitting room, but it’s an absolute no-no with pets and children unless you want constant cleaning bills and a potential short life span. We would recommend looking at our range of Leather sofas in this case as a decent dark coloured leather sofa will also plenty of wear and can look virtually unused over time, not to mention the ability to wipe clean and spills or marks.