Cushions on beds – we’re in favour!

Many of us are keen to have scatter cushions in every possible hue and fabric adorning our beds, as we aim for hotel style luxury in our boudoirs. Kirstie Allsopp is a big fan of cushions and she wants you to keep them plumped at all times. Her fans will slavishly obey her directions, but are we going over the top?


BBC Radio Gloucestershire recently ran a feature on why we have cushions on beds these days. Isn’t it enough to have a couple of pillows, they asked? Don’t we just throw them on the floor when we get into bed? Here’s our tongue in cheek reply.


Reasons we love cushions:


So that’s it – the case for cushions. After all, cushions don’t need much attention – a quick shake to restore their shape and they’re like new.

So what’s your reaction when you see a bed strewn with colourful, plump cushions? Do you throw them on the floor before jumping straight between the sheets? Or re-arrange them lovingly around