Lots of people prefer to buy a Divan Bed as they are easy to transport, put together and have many different options with regard to storage. Double divan bases or any size larger come in 2 parts. This means they are easy to put into the bedroom with minimal difficulty. They are also higher than bedsteads so you don’t have to lower yourself to get into bed. Here at Gloucester Furniture we recommend a Divan bed over a bedstead for the simple reason they can be built to your needs. They start from 2 ft 6 inches which is an ideal size for a small children’s room and can be made up to 6 ft for those who have a very large bedroom to fill. All our divans can be made with slide storage, 2 drawers or 4 drawers. We can now also offer an ottoman divan base for those who like something a bit different.  Its is all down to personal choice but our recommendation for a good night sleep is to purchase a Divan Bed.