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Flexible Seating Options

Putting your feet up in style with Gloucester Furniture

Modern furnishing options for your lounge are not limited to single chairs and sofas or three-piece suites. In addition, many online furniture stores and showrooms feature matching items that compliment the more conventional seating. Gloucester Furniture has a wide range to suit all sitting rooms and allow even the most stressed shopper to relax in comfort.


Footstools have been around for a long time but these days they’re available to purchase alongside your suite, in the same fabrics, colours and styles. The manufacturers have considered such things as making sure the seat height and footstool height match. When you are comfortably seated, your legs and feet extend from your body in a natural line — not raised or lowered. The other benefit of footstools is that they can be used as a temporary place to pop down items such as magazines, books and laptops. Though we don’t recommend putting down anything that might spill — a coffee table is a much better bet for drinks and soup bowls! Some footstool designs also incorporate storage, accessed via a hinged and upholstered ‘lid’ — great for tidying away toys or hiding the ironing when visitors call! So why not grab yourself a footstool when you buy your next suite and put your feet up in style?

Reclining chairs

A neat alternative to a footstool is reclining seating. Many of our suites and chairs are available with this option. The main benefit over a footstool is that the footrest folds up and disappears into the chair or sofa when not in use. By contrast, a footstool takes up floor space all the time. The mechanisms of reclining chairs vary slightly but are generally very dependable these days and easy to operate. What could be more luxurious after a hard day’s work than to come home and really put your feet up? Some sofas come with one reclining seat or you can opt to have two or even three, depending on the design of the suite. We also stock an electric ‘rise and recline’ chair: perfect for those with limited mobility who have difficulty getting in and out of a regular armchair. Single chairs also come with recliners, so there’s no need to fight over who has the best seat in the house.

Swivel chairs

A third option when it comes to choosing seating is the swivel chair. Although you might be familiar with the office swivel chair, you can also purchase their more comfortable cousins for relaxing at home. The swivel chair comes into its own when there is more than one focal point in a room. Maybe you want to sit looking out of a French window during the daytime but turn towards the fire or the television during the evening? With a swivel chair there’s no need to drag the furniture around, with possible damage to carpets or flooring. Simply sit yourself down and a slight movement will change the way you’re facing. Our range of swivel chairs comes with deep, comfortable upholstery and many styles have cosy cushions to match.

Come to your local furniture expert

If you’re not sure which seating options will suit you best, why not come along to our Gloucester showroom and try them out for yourself? Relax and put your feet up or twirl in our chairs to your heart’s content, until you find the one that suits you best. We’re here to advise if you have any questions

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