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Gloucester Furniture – Corner Sofas

One of the more luxurious seating options we sell at Gloucester Furniture is the corner sofa. It’s L-shaped design makes a big, bold statement in a larger room but is also a good way to use space in smaller lounges. As with all our stock, they come in a wide range of colours (50-60 to choose from with most designs) and fabrics. Styles range from contemporary to the more traditional, so there’s bound to be something to suit your living room.


Lot of choice of corner sofa styles

As mentioned, the colour and fabric that you see on our corner suites is not necessarily the one you will buy – you can use your creativity to come up with a combination that matches the carpets, walls and general style of your home. Simple ask to see our books of swatches to get creative and order the ones you like best. In addition, you will see that some styles of corner sofa have scatter backs – with lots of sumptuous cushions to sink into – or a rigid, upholstered back that offers more support. Again, it’s a matter of which you prefer.


Statement furniture for larger rooms

Some of our corner sofas come in quite dramatic combinations of colour and style, making them a feature in their own right. They can be used to divide a larger room into two, or perhaps to distinguish between the cosy fireplace or TV end of the room and a space used for dining or as a playroom. By positioning the corner sofa away from the walls of the lounge, allowing room to walk all the way around, you can emphasise the spaciousness of your surroundings.


A great choice for smaller room

Corner sofas are equally useful in smaller rooms. Placed against the angle of two adjacent walls, they slot into a space that would be a challenge with a conventional three-piece suite. Despite its compact shape, the corner sofa still has room for three or more people to sit comfortably together. If there are fewer of you, one lucky soul can stretch right out, using the L-shape to full advantage as a footrest.


Left or right-handed?

No, not you — your sofa! In order to ensure that a corner sofa will fit perfectly into your room, we’re able to offer both left and right-handed sofas. We appreciate this might be a bit confusing but basically you can tell which is which by counting the seats. A left handed corner sofa has two seats on the left and one corner unit – the right handed version has a corner unit on the left and two seats to the right. Probably the best way to see how corner sofas ‘work’ and to work out how they might fit into your furnishing scheme back at home is to pay us a visit at our Barton Street showroom in Gloucester. We hope to see you soon.

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