Gloucester Furniture – Small Space Solutions

Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller property or just getting started with your first home, space might be something you’re short of. Don’t despair! There are ways to make sure your furniture is stylish and comfy, without making your home seem even smaller.

Choose smaller furniture

It might seem obvious, but all sofas and beds aren’t the same size, so select those that are on the smaller side. There are two advantages – one is that you have more space to move around the room and the other is that small furniture makes the room appear larger. This is a visual trick that house builders use in show homes.

Check the furniture suits your needs

Smaller furniture is only a good thing if you still have room to sit or sleep comfortably. If one of you is over 6 feet tall, a 4ft 6 divan might not be the best choice for a couple. Similarly, a two-seater sofa could be a good idea for one or two people but you might need to reconsider if you have growing children. So in this case “plan ahead” might be the best suggestion. There are other ways to get around this, too.

Furnishing your small lounge

Strange as it may seem, recliner chairs or sofa beds can be a good option for smaller lounges. The footrest folds away when not in use, providing the same kind of relaxing luxury as an L-shaped sofa or footstool. If you have room to set furniture against two walls, opting for a chair or two-seater at 90 degrees to the main sofa allows you to sit and chat with visitors comfortably. Just add a nest of occasional tables and you’re sorted.

Furnishing your small bedroom

The obvious decision to be made here is what size of bed to choose. It isn’t always a good idea to compromise on the size your bed – it is where you spend about a third of your life, after all. Consider buying a divan with drawers for storage, instead of freestanding furniture. That leaves more room for the king sized bed you’ve always dreamed of. Children’s rooms can have bunks or drawer divans to make the most of the available space. If you only have guests occasionally, or if children are mostly away, a sofa bed can be a good option. Choose one with a metal frame for better comfort and support, and to last longer.

Check the design

There are some aspects of furniture that can make an otherwise suitable piece ‘wrong’. Look at the arms of that sofa – are they so wide that they’re using up valuable space? You don’t sit on the arms, after all. Do the legs splay out, is the seat very deep or does the back have a shallow slope to it, meaning the sofa takes up more room? A slightly more compact design can be just as stylish, while being more practical when space is at a premium. Bring a tape measure to our showroom (or borrow ours!) and check the dimensions of the piece of furniture, to make sure it will fit back at home.

Ask the experts

At Gloucester Furniture, we supply and deliver furniture to homes of all shapes and sizes across the UK, so we’re well placed to suggest the ideal furniture designs for your smaller rooms. Give us a ring or drop in to our Gloucester showroom to discuss.