Guest Rooms

Guests coming to stay? Don’t panic! Here’s our plan to get ready to welcome them.

Clear the spare room

Everyone uses the spare room to dump things that really need to be dealt with. When guests are visiting, you need to be decisive – throw out anything that you haven’t used in the past year, unless it holds important memories. Anything broken can go; everything else should be washed and stored neatly. Under bed storage is handy for hiding away your treasures, especially if you don’t have any loft space.

Roll your sleeves up and clean

Damp dust the room from the top of cupboards downwards, so that dust doesn’t drop onto clean surfaces below. Remove and launder the quilt or cover on the spare bed, in case it has got dusty since it was last used. Finally, vacuum the flooring or carpet. Open the windows and air the room, if possible.

Make some storage space

If your guests are staying for more than one night, make some drawer and hanging space, so that they can unpack their bags. Scented drawer liners will freshen up these spaces. Make sure you leave some clothes hangers in the wardrobe.

Select the best bedding for your guest rooms

Duvet covers and pillowcases that haven’t been used for a while can smell stale. A quick wash can help, or maybe it’s time to replace them? Check the state of the pillows to make sure they aren’t stained. Pillow and mattress protectors make good sense, as they are easy to wash and prevent damage to the bedding.

No guest bed? No problem!

If you don’t have a spare bed, but have space for one, we’d recommend a quick trip to Gloucester Furniture, where we have a wide selection to suit your space requirements and budget. Consider a sofabed or futon if space is an issue and you don’t have guests often. They work harder for you by providing extra seating when not in use for sleeping.

Practical and decorative accessories

It helps to imagine how you would use the room if you were sleeping there: can you reach the light switch from the bed or would a lamp be useful? Is the floor cold at night? Maybe a feature rug would help make your guests’ feet cosier.

Hotel style touches for your guest rooms

Make your guests feel really at home by providing fluffy towels and toiletries in case they’ve forgotten anything. There’s no need for chocolates on the pillows but we’ll leave it up to you whether you add flowers, magazines and breakfast in bed.

We hope your guests enjoy their stay but before they arrive, consider whether you’d like to sleep in that bed – if not, well, you know where we are!