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How to choose living room furniture

It’s important when buying new furniture to make sure it will look right in your home. Furniture is a big investment (even if you’re sensible and buy at great prices from Gloucester Furniture!). Here are our top tips for choosing sitting room furniture.


Will it fit?

First, decide how big your sofa or chairs are going to be. Will a three-seater sofa leave you with no room to move? Maybe a two-seater, or even two two-seaters would make better use of the space. The traditional three-piece suite might be too much for a small room. Perhaps a corner sofa would be more versatile than a sofa and two armchairs. Once you’ve set your heart on a piece of furniture, don’t forget to check that it will fit through your doorway at home, too. If in doubt: measure your home and measure the furniture first.


Will it match?

Buying a single chair or sofa with the intention of adding further items later can be problematic. This is where buying a three-piece suite is the perfect solution. Everything matches from the outset. Alternatively, you can buy single items that complement each other, rather than matching. For example, a brown leather sofa and a brown fabric sofa are similar enough to sit side by side. Bring the scheme together with scatter cushions – perhaps red or a bright tone – on both.


Is it comfortable?

It’s a matter of personal choice whether you opt for foam seating or various kinds of sprung seats in your living room furniture. Ideally, you will visit a warehouse or showroom, such as ours at Gloucester Furniture. Here you can try out the seating. If you’re looking for sumptuous cushions you can sink into or a supportive spring, you’re sure to be able to find something that suits. If you have very long or short legs, the proportions of the seat and height of the legs will be important to you, too.


Versatile seating

If the number of people in your house is constantly changing, opt for seating that is versatile. A corner sofa can accommodate several people sitting side by side or a couple sitting and one reclining with their feet up. A single chair can be pulled up to join the party when needed, or tucked away to keep floor space clear at other times. Unexpected overnight guests? A sofabed can be the answer to teenage visitors or when family comes to stay. Choose from sprung or foam bases, depending on how often the item will be used as a bed.


Fabrics and designs

It’s easy to fall in love with one of our wide range of designs in fabrics and leathers. Our advice:

  • Make sure large patterns don’t overwhelm a small room
  • If you’re matching a decorative scheme, bring along a sample of the paint colour or fabric to check that the furniture ‘goes’
  • Real wood and leather last longer but might need some polish from time to time
  • Glass and metal are contemporary but might date more quickly
  • Fabrics that are treated to resist stains and spills stay looking new for longer
  • Don’t be afraid to add a bold, contrasting item to bring your theme to life.


You’re always welcome to visit our showroom in Barton Street, Gloucester and we’ll advise on the best choice of furniture for your home.

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