Interior Designing with Neutrals

Looking around the Gloucester Furniture showroom, it’s easy to spot a trend: modern sofas and living room furniture is often covered in neutral colours. You’re a big fan of brighter colours? No problem. Look on it as giving you lots of scope to be creative with patterns and accessories. You don’t need qualifications in interior design to make a stunning feature of your new sofa.


The advantages of neutral furnishings

The decision by furniture manufacturers to use neutral colours such as black, browns, creams and greys isn’t accidental. They do this because they’re easy to blend in with existing or new items in the living room. The other advantage is that neutrals are unlikely to date. Current styles use a range of luxurious textured fabrics, such as leather feature strips and textured finishes. They also incorporate a variety of patterns in matching tones. These add variety without tying you down to specific colours, which you might soon tire of.


Where to add colour

So, how can you brighten up your living room? First, choose one bright, accent colour. You can then add colour by purchasing additional scatter-cushions, a rug placed near the sofa and similar-coloured accessories, including vases, candlesticks and picture frames. You might add flowering plants, or experiment by painting the gloss-work or walls to match. Now is the time to get creative! Browse through magazines to find photos of apparently neutral room settings and identify how they have been enhanced by the addition of brighter, feature items.


Which colours to choose

The colours you choose to surround yourself with are very much a matter of personal taste. Recent trends include grey furnishings with a pop of colour, such as zingy citrus lemons and limes. If your room is well lit and warm, you can choose cooler colours, such as blues and greens. If your room is north facing and gets little sun, you might opt for colours from the warmer end of the spectrum: oranges and reds for example.


The dangers of colour

Just one word of caution: if your new living room suite is neutral and you’ve chosen an accent colour, anything that matches that colour will draw the eye. Make sure you haven’t got a hideous vase that has suddenly become the focus of attention! This is especially true if you can see it as you enter the room, or from where you usually sit. By contrast, if you have a much-loved heirloom, you can deliberately make it stand out. Simply choose the same colour (or the main colour) from that item as the accent colour for your theme. Have fun experimenting and maybe send us photos of what you have achieved.