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Matching your sofa to your colour scheme

When you’re making a large purchase, such as a new sofa, it’s important to make sure it fits in with the rest of your colour scheme. It can be hard to remember a colour, especially if you’ve driven all the way from Swindon to Gloucester to choose your new furniture. Here are some suggestions to help you make a purchase you’ll be delighted with for years to come:

Bring a cushion with you

When you’re visiting our showroom, you can bring along a cushion or a curtain – something that’s fairly small and easy to carry. This makes it easy to compare the upholstery colours and textures with your existing colour scheme.

Bring a paint colour chart

We’d prefer it if you didn’t bring tins of paint but the colour chart is useful and portable. Alternatively, paint a large piece of paper with the paint you’ve used on your living room walls. You can put either of these alongside the sofa of your choice, to see whether the colours complement each other.

Use our swatches

Many of our sofas can be made up in a range of fabrics and colours. In our Gloucester showroom, we have books of fabric swatches, which allow you to see the colours before you order your new sofa or chairs.

Take a photo

Take a photo of your furniture before you leave home as a guide to your colour scheme at home. The advantage of a photo is that you have an idea of the colours of the whole room: walls, soft furnishings, carpets and accessories. The disadvantage is that the colours might not be absolutely accurate, so a photo might not let you match your new sofa perfectly.

Choose the furniture first

If you’ve fallen in love with a sofa in our range (and who could blame you?), why not decorate the room to match? Some of our customers come with a fixed idea of the colours they are after – and still go home with ‘the perfect sofa’, which is a completely different colour. Time to get out the paint pot and brushes and redecorate, after all!

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