Romantic bedrooms

Creating a romantic bedroom is all about comfort, relaxation and intimacy. This is your private space, where the world doesn’t intrude. There’s no reason why you can’t adopt a romantic style for your bedroom even if you don’t anticipate sharing. Why should you wait? If you are partnered-up though, there might be some compromises to be made, as our guide to romantic bedrooms describes.


Red: the colour of love

We’re often told that calming colours are best for bedrooms; they are more restful and enable us to sleep. As with any room, an accent colour adds spice and for romance that colour has to be red. Add a red throw on the bed; red cushions and pillowcases; red candles and flowers. If you want the bedroom to reflect a truly passionate nature, you can go further by painting one or more walls red.


Romantic fabrics

You don’t have to have a four-poster bed to be romantic. Instead, drape gauzy netting from the ceiling to create a bower effect. Add rich fabrics, such as tactile velvets and velours or fake furs on the bed and the floor. Depending on your tastes, you might choose laces, broderie anglaise or even silk fabrics to complete the look. Don’t forget some plump cushions on your chairs and a suitably plush headboard so that you can relax in comfort.


Subtle lighting

Modern lighting is efficient but not very romantic. Nevertheless, low energy light bulbs are available in soft tones. Candles are the perfect way to create a romantic atmosphere, but take care not to leave them unattended. If you’d rather avoid naked flames, try turning on downlighters and lamps, rather than the central light fitting. Enhance the subtle lighting with reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, cut glass and metallic ornaments.


Romantic style

There is no single romantic style – it is in the eye of the beholder. You might opt for modern hotel-style comfort or maybe you prefer French chateau-style ornamentation? Whether you plan to scatter petals on the silk sheets or tuck several layers of starched linens over a traditional quilt on a metal bedstead, just check that your partner’s ideas match your own.


A romantic choice of bed

The bed itself can be any style that you find romantic. This is one point where practicalities might intrude – you’re mainly looking for a quality bed, which is comfortable and affordable. If those criteria are met, you can opt for ornate bedsteads or practical divans, it really doesn’t matter. Much of the romance comes from the way you style the bed with opulent linens, deep bedcovers to sink into and an array of cushions and pillows.


Appeal to all the senses

Appealing to all five of our senses makes for romance. Subtle perfume can be introduced with scented flowers, reed diffusers, candles or toiletries. Music can enhance the mood as long as your choose carefully. Again, make sure your partner’s idea of a romantic theme matches your own. Traditionally, food is not part of the bedtime routine – crumbs in the sheets isn’t romantic. Nevertheless, chocolate and other foods known for their association with pleasure are a welcome occasional treat. There’s a reason that top hotels leave treats on your pillow.