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Tips for a Good Nights Sleep

We all like to get our eight hours a night. Here are our top tips for a good nights sleep.


Check the atmosphere

Even when it’s chilly out, you should air the room that you sleep in. Some people prefer to have a window slightly open at night too. Mop up condensation that has formed on the windows overnight. Too much moisture in the air can lead to mould developing in your mattress and bedding. Leave your bed unmade first thing or even hang the bedding out of the window, like the Swiss do!


Snuggle up with a warm drink

A warm drink before bed makes us want to snuggle down under the covers and snooze. Opt for something with low caffeine, as this is a stimulant and will stop you sleeping. Try a milky drink or cherry juice, which is said to lead to a good night’s sleep.


Make sure you’re at the right temperature

Do you feel warm or cold in bed? There’s no correct temperature for the bedroom – it’s a matter of personal preference. Duvets are tog-rated as an indication of how warm they will keep you. Opt for 13.5 tog if you feel the cold and it’s winter. Choose smaller tog numbers if you’re always warm in bed. You can also buy dual-rated duvets, with a thinner layer for summer, a thick layer for spring and autumn and both snapped together for winter.


Ban the snoring

Buy earplugs if your partner snores. Seriously, if your partner snores, it’s no laughing matter. Remedies include losing weight (them, not you), sewing half a tennis ball into the back of their pjs and various contraptions to the hold nostrils open. We can’t really advise, because we don’t snore …


Get ready for bed early

Sleep experts advise us to stop stimulating activities as part of our wind down to bedtime routine. They tell us that using technology immediately before bed makes us less likely to have a decent night’s sleep. The blue light emitted by screens disrupts our natural rhythms; tricking the brain into thinking it isn’t night-time yet. By switching off and instead reading a book or taking a bath, we prepare for the night ahead.


Change daytime activities

Exercising during the day has been shown to result in a more restful night. Some people swear by mindfulness for creating a suitably relaxed state and managing daily stresses. Others recommend cutting back on caffeine and sugar to promote quality sleep.


Get comfy

Without a doubt, the key element in a good night’s sleep is a quality bed. It’s important to try out mattresses to see which make you feel comfortable. A firm mattress will help keep your body supported, to provide good posture in bed. If you have an old, saggy mattress, you’re more likely to suffer from back pain. Come down to our showroom in Gloucester and test drive a selection of mattresses, to see which you prefer. Another benefit of visiting us is that the prices on our quality beds and mattresses are unbeatable, so you won’t lose sleep over the cost.

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