Top Tips For Decorating Your Living Room

The living room is our family space, our fun and games room, our relaxing place and very often the place where we eat and socialise. Decorating the living room might not happen too often, but when it does we want to get it right. Here are some key decorating tips for creating a welcoming, relaxing living room.


Make it your own

It might not be a castle, but your home is your own. It should reflect your personality, so if you like yellow – let it be yellow; if you like flowery – flowery it shall be. Personalising your living room means introducing colours, textures and designs that make your heart sing. Include things that you have made, family photos and heirlooms. Takeaway tip: unless you’re selling your home, it shouldn’t look too much like a show home.


Inject some colour

Although the neutral palette is still rightly popular, you shouldn’t avoid colour completely. If the background is relatively bland, any colour ‘pops’ will draw the eye, so make sure you choose objects that are truly beautiful. You can be really creative by mixing and matching colours, patterns and textures. Takeaway tip: things don’t have to match, though really bright colours that clash might not be very restful.


Make it fit your lifestyle

Before buying pieces of furniture, decide on size. A couple might want two-seater sofas where you can snuggle up together; a larger family might opt for a three-seater and a two. Do you spend long periods sitting? Look for furniture that’s comfortable – come to the showroom and try it out before buying. Consider whether you need furniture that fits against the wall neatly, to allow toddlers more floor space. If you have a very large room, a small settee might look out of place. Takeaway tip: above all, measure up before ordering to make sure everything fits.


Keep it neat

Accessories and mementoes are great but try not to overdo the clutter, even in larger rooms. You don’t have to be a believer in fung shui to realise that a calmer atmosphere can be achieved by being tidy. If items need to be readily to hand, use storage boxes or drawers to keep them out of sight. This also has the advantage that they’re easy to find later. Takeaway tip: a few strategically placed plants, pictures and cushions are better than too many.


Have a budget

Notice we didn’t say “set” a budget but it’s a good idea to have a figure in mind. You can get quality furniture at great prices, if you know where to go. Takeaway tip: by shopping in places such as Gloucester Furniture it is possible to make that budget go further.