Furniture will maintain a new look when you invest a bit of your time into taking care of it. With a combination of the right products and care routine, you can delay the signs of an aging sofa.

Protect your sofa from the sun

Having your sofa in direct sunlight can dry out the leather upholstery and cause rips and cracks over time. It can also damage fabric upholstery by weakening the fibres and also causing the dyes to fade.

Rotate and plump your cushions regularly

It is highly likely that during the first few months of ownership your cushions will soften and ‘settle in’. This is normal and can be prevented by rotating your cushions on a regular basis. Plump your cushions at the end of each day to even them out. Over a few years the cushions can begin to sag and not be as supportive. If your cushions are not as comfortable as they once were, refill them with new foam for a more comfortable, long lasting feel.

Don’t sit on the back or armrests

If you occasionally sit on your sofas armrests, STOP!! The armrests and back of the sofa are not designed to take a human’s body weight and will quickly sag if you make this a habit. Also try to distribute your weight evenly on the cushions to stop creases forming.

Clean stains before they settle in

From Coca-Cola to coffee, it is important that you act on spills as soon as possible. Even harmless liquids like water can leave a stain which can be difficult to remove if left. Make sure you dab gently when cleaning up as rubbing hard can wear the fabric/leather down and cause discolouring.

Sit back slowly and deliberately

No matter how light you may be, throwing yourself onto your sofa can cause damage to its frame. Sit back slowly and carefully keeping your weight distribution even to avoid any damage.

Don’t let jewellery cause snags

Watches, key chains, rings and other items of jewellery can catch on the upholstery causing snags. Be careful when sitting down or moving to prevent catching on the fabric. Never pull any loose threads as you could end up unravelling an important thread used in your cushions construction, cut the loose thread carefully using a pair of scissors.