Two, three or more seaters?

Are you buying a new sofa? Confused about what size to buy? At Gloucester Furniture, we sell single armchairs, or sofas to seat two, three and more. Here are our thoughts on which is best for your room and some of the reasons.


Single seaters

These are the most flexible. You can move them around the room and they will fit into the smaller spaces, such as between the fireplace and the wall or tucked away in a window recess. Single seats are easy to drag up to the fire or radiator and are snug on cold nights, with a blanket over your lap and a warming drink. Or you can pull them near the French window in summer and benefit from cooling breezes. When you have guests, you can sit at an angle to them and see their faces while you chat – harder if they are alongside you on the same sofa. Chairs with castors are easier to move and less likely to damage your flooring.


Two seater settees

Two seater sofas are cosy for two people, which can be romantic. They’re also the ideal sofas for small rooms or to fit along a short wall in a larger room. Many people opt to combine a two and a three seater sofa, to give them flexibility. If you have a family, sofas to seat four or five people in this way might be the answer. A two seater might make sense, even if you live alone though. You’d be able to seat a guest alongside you – and the dog or cat, if they’re allowed!


Three seater settees

Depending on their size, three seater sofas are popular for seating two people! It gives you room to turn and face the person you’re speaking to, to put your book or TV remote down between you, without it dropping between the cushions and to have a little more space to relax. If you have a larger family, two three-seaters will accommodate them all nicely but you will need more space. If you’re thinking of buying larger sofas, it makes sense to visit our showroom in Gloucester first and take measurements to be sure that they will fit. Don’t forget to measure the doorway width too!


Occasional furniture

When guests arrive it’s sometimes helpful to have an extra chair or two. That’s when occasional furniture comes into its own – either folding chairs or relatively portable ones that can be kept in a bedroom when not in use. Perhaps these seats will double up as desk chairs or patio furniture, making them more useful and therefore better value.



In addition to the traditional three piece suite, you can combine single, two and three-seater settees to suit the size and shape of your room and the number of people living with you. Some sofas come with the option of recliners, allowing you to put your feet up, or with footstools and pouffes in the same range. Footstools are a useful play surface for board games or Lego if there are children around – or for popping down your afternoon tea tray. So, whichever combination of furniture you choose, put your feet up, relax and enjoy your new sofas.