What’s on your bedside table?

It is said that you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her handbag but here at Gloucester Furniture, we think you can tell just as much by what’s on your bedside table.

Leaving aside some of the more risky suggestions, (this is a family blog!) here are some items that are commonly found on bedside tables throughout Gloucestershire – and for all we know, the world!


Glass of water

Particularly useful if you’ve had a heavy night on the wine, when you wake to a mouth like the bottom of a budgie cage – a glass of water is essential. Nowadays, due the magic of modern dentistry, the traditional image of an elderly person with their teeth in a mug is much less common. Thank goodness for that!


Box of tissues

Your bed is the only place you want to be at the first sign of being unwell, to snuggle down cosily and forget about the world. A box of tissues is essential for everything from the sniffles to man flu. Also useful in case of broken hearts or sad movies.


A good read

A book or e-book is so much a part of some people’s routine that they can’t go off to sleep without reading a chapter or two. It’s your choice whether that’s a bodice ripping historical drama, A Haines car maintenance manual or science fiction book. It might even be that a children’s book is lingering next to your bed, just in case junior puts in an early morning appearance.


A torch

Useful for night-time excursions to the bathroom or to the kitchen for an illicit midnight snack. Also handy to point at any burglars that might put in an appearance, though none of us has had that experience – luckily.


An alarm clock

Most of us need to be up by a particular time in the morning (or night) for work. The alarm clock is rapidly being replaced by smart phones, which can tell us the news, our latest messages and make the tea before we even get out of bed. OK, they don’t make the tea – yet.


Essential oils

Oil of lavender is said, in the world of aromatherapy, to promote restfulness and sleep. Keeping some handy to dab onto a tissue will ensure a good eight hours in the land of nod. Room fresheners and the like should probably be kept elsewhere in the room, to avoid inhaling too many vapours while you sleep.



Those of us with less than 20/20 vision are likely to keep our specs nearby, so that we can find our slippers in the morning or see what time it is during the night.


Hand and body cream

The nightly ritual of liberally anointing oneself with emollients and moisturisers won’t be overlooked if the tubes and bottles are kept by your bed. The Hollywood film stars amongst us would add eye masks and cotton gloves to the glamorous ensemble.



Useful for downloading the thoughts in your head just before you settle down to sleep. Possibly this will be a full account of your day, recorded for when you publish your memoirs. Alternatively it might be a place to note things to do the next day, such as “Go to Gloucester Furniture and find a new bed”!

Whatever you keep on your bedside table, a key rule is not to let the pile of essential items grow too large, so that it might hurt if it fell on you. Large accumulations of dust are also a health hazard and should be avoided.


Sleep well.