White: the most versatile colour

Choosing from the many colour options available for your sofa or suite can be quite daunting. One of the most versatile colours might come as a bit of a surprise – because it’s white! Is it even a colour? Won’t it show the dirt? Here’s how you can make a success of a white scheme in your home.

What colour is white?

It can be quite hard to define what colour white actually is. Is it a lack of other colours? Does cream count? What really matters is which tone appeals to you and fits in with your over all colour scheme. Bright whites and blue tones combine to create a cool impression, whereas the yellower tones of cream together with red or yellow will bring warmth and cosiness to your living room.

Contrasting and complimentary colours

White can work with contrasting colours, such as red and black to create the most dramatic of colour schemes, working well with modern designs and geometric patterns. White can also be used in subtle schemes to create a texture and pattern in pastels or neutral tones. A lack of strong colours need not result in a cold palette: instead mixing milky coffee, sandy, fawn, ecru, stone and taupe colours with creamy white makes for an elegant and warm combination.

Seasonal changes

The key quality of white in your soft furnishings is its versatility. Adding coloured throws and rugs in pillar box reds, tartans and conifer green instantly converts your lounge to a Christmassy theme. In summer, swap the colour scheme for pastel coloured cushions and floral patterns to bring the garden indoors. This kind of versatility also appeals to those of us who get bored with seeing the same colours all the time. It might be tricky to disguise a floral patterned suite if you eventually tire of it but it’s simple and relatively cheap to add a throw or a few cushions to ring the changes.

Keeping it clean

White might not seem the most practical of colours, especially if you have young children or pets. It’s easy to cover the seating area of your sofas and chairs with a fleecy blanket that’s easily washed and dried, protecting it from the worst of the dirt. When you want to impress, simply pack the kids and pets off to bed and whisk off the covers, revealing your pristine and stunning white sofa. Alternatively, opt for white leather, which is much more forgiving of the occasional spill – provided it is mopped up promptly.